EM3’s Network Operations Center Ensures Your Network’s Reliability, Efficiency and Security

Your company needs a network that is robust enough to handle all your traffic with ease. But it also requires a stable network to ensure productivity, and one that’s protected against data breaches in order to thrive. It’s why high-quality network monitoring from EM3 Networks’ Network Operations Center (NOC) is so crucial to your operation.


No company can afford to deal with network downtime. With real-time, all-the-time network monitoring, we detect inconsistencies within your network early and remediate issues promptly.


Through our managed IT services, EM3 Networks effectively and proactively manages your network and organizes all your data from one centralized hub.


When a company’s network is compromised, havoc ensues. Identity and data theft can occur, or ransomware or malware may be installed. Our NOC protects your network against cyberterrorism.

EM3 Networks’ NOC provides comprehensive network monitoring and remediation services for your voice and data network elements. Our highly skilled, tenured technicians will keep your system up to date against the latest threats and malware, coordinate with carriers on your behalf to successfully resolve any abnormal network conditions, and automatically back up your corporate data so you can focus on your daily operations with full confidence.

Our Network Operations Center is 100% U.S. based, with two fully redundant data /monitoring centers in McKinney and Austin, Texas to ensure business continuity every hour of every day.

Our Network Monitoring Services include:

  • 24/7/365 network surveillance and fault management
  • Alarm notification, management/escalation, resolution, reporting/trending
  • Trouble ticket management/escalation
  • World-class networking monitoring systems (NMS) and traffic monitoring system (TMS) tools
  • Our NoBoundary network services and cloud-based offerings that deliver efficiency, cost reduction and outstanding customer service by simplifying your internal support processes
  • Remote help desk services that support all voice and data issues including Presidential Decision Directives (PDD) and VoIP

EM3 Networks’ help desk service includes:

  • Tier 1 & 2 support (TAC)
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • SS7/PSTN protocols
  • Wireless support
  • Trouble ticket management/escalation

Managed services from EM3 include:

  • Seamless monitoring of entire enterprise (equipment agnostic, multi-vendor)
  • Visual display with dashboard and/or geographical representation
  • ICMP ping probe
  • Event correlation
  • Full partitioning (with real-time view into your alarms)
  • Secure transmission of data
  • Reporting
  • Log analysis
  • Application and bandwidth monitoring

Provisioning Services from EM3 Networks

EM3’s network provisioning service will prepare and equip your network properly to provide services to your users without disrupting your computing or voice capabilities or your operation. It’s a personalized full-service setup of your service or telecom network upgrades, which includes equipment, wiring, switching and circuit provisioning, and transmission.

Once your contract is executed, an experienced provisioning manager will work with you through each step of the implementation process. Continuous updates will include (but are not limited to) complete circuit and network information, LEC activity reports, site visit schedules, site requirements and progress reports along with any critical information you will need to ensure each implementation is completed in a timely manner.

In addition, our provisioning ensures compliance and minimizes your system’s vulnerability to penetration and abuse. It’s all part of EM3 Networks comprehensive services for all your network design and implementation needs.