Affordable Internet Access through E-rate

As an award-winning national E-rate service provider, EM3 Networks offers Internet & WAN services through the FCC’s E-Rate Program, ensuring that schools & libraries have access to affordable telecommunications & information services.

What differentiates EM3 Networks from other E-rate service providers?

  • Combined 100+ Years of Experience: Our 3 managing partners have spent their entire careers in the telecommunications industry. They have experience in all areas of telecom, from Outside Plant to Sales & Marketing & Executive Leadership.
  • E-rate Experience: Two of our partners not only have the expertise to design networks & build cable plant – they’ve also worked in the E-rate program since it was established in 1996, when only 14% of the nation’s K-12 classrooms had access to the Internet.
  • Leased-Lit Fiber Provider: Dedicated Symmetrical Services delivered over Ethernet Fiber Networks.
  • Easy-to-Read Proposals: When we respond to your Form 471, we provide a detailed pricing sheet that includes all requested options plus all estimated taxes, applicable fees, & surcharges with your individual E-rate discount applied so you don’t have to wonder what your monthly bill will be.
  • No Hidden Costs: Our proposal will match our contract & monthly invoice. We don’t charge any network installation fees or special construction charges.
  • Flexible, Easy-to-Read Contracts: Tailored to correspond with E-rate Funding Year that allow for upgrades in bandwidth throughout the term of our contract, along with 1-year optional contract extensions available upon request.
  • Dedicated Project Manager: You’re assigned a dedicated project manager who will contact you immediately after your contract is executed.
  • Flexible Billing Options: Choose what works best for you, between BEAR (Billed Entity Applicant Reimbursement) & SPI (Service Provider Invoice). Using the BEAR method, you’ll be invoiced for the full amount of E-rate services provided & you’ll need to file the BEAR Form (FCC 472) to receive reimbursement from USAC. Selecting SPI, commonly known as discounted billing, you’re only invoiced for your discounted portion of services provided.
  • Detailed E-rate Billing: Invoices for SPI Discounted Billing that include E-rate discount %, Fund Year, FRN, Total Client Due, & clearly states any surcharges/fees associated with the account.
  • E-rate Discount Applied Monthly: We apply your approved E-rate discount every month when using the SPI/Discounted billing. Once your Form 486 is approved, you only pay your portion, which allows for better cash flow for your school or library.

Sample Pricing Sheet

EM3 goes above & beyond

  • Premium Services Offered: Each of our Internet circuits are delivered with an unlimited number of public IP addresses as needed. Our standard EM3 owned & managed device is included with our service, & we also offer Managed Firewall Services, Wireless WAN Backup Options, & a host of security services including DDOS.
  • FREE Network Utilization Reports: Because we monitor our networks, it’s no problem to provide our customers with free individual bandwidth usage reports.
  • US Based 24/7 Network Management Center: Our Internet networks are monitored & managed 24/7 by our experienced staff located in McKinney, TX. Hold times when calling are always less than 1 minute.
  • Numerous Positive Customer Testimonials: See what our customers think about EM3’s simplified billing process by visiting our Testimonials page.

Sample E-rate invoice

Invoices for SPI Discounted Billing that include E-rate discount %, Fund Year, FRN, Total Client Due, & clearly states any surcharges/fees associated with the account.

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