Delivering Universal Internet Connectivity through USAC

At EM3 Networks, we believe that everyone in the U.S. deserves accessible, affordable, and pervasive high-speed connectivity, regardless of location or economic status. It”s why we participate in the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) program, which is dedicated to achieving universal internet service through administration of the Universal Service Fund.

EM3 participates in USAC and supports customers utilizing E-Rate and rural healthcare funding programs to provide the best and most affordable telecommunications networks.

E-rate for Schools and Libraries

The universal service Schools and Libraries Program (the E-rate Program) helps ensure that schools and libraries can obtain high-speed Internet access and telecommunications at affordable rates.

6.5 Million students in America still lack the bandwidth they need for digital learning. EM3 Networks is committed to be a Connectivity Leader in that 100% of the students we serve meet the minimum 100 kbps per student needed for digital learning. We support the efforts of the EducationSuperHighway to help close the K-12 digital divide and level the education playing field for children throughout America.

EM3 Networks promise is to provide the fastest fiber networks at the most economical price so Internet services can be affordable to classrooms nationwide to advance academic achievement. Thank you to the EducationSuperHighway for what you do in connecting public schools across the U.S.

There are two ways in which your entity can receive E-rate reimbursements:

1. Submit a BEAR Form (E-rate Form 472). Using the BEAR method, EM3’s invoice will reflect the full amount of the service. You are responsible to pay the full amount and file the BEAR form to receive reimbursement from USAC.

2. Choose the SPI method and EM3 will discount your invoice according to your approved USAC discounted percentage. EM3 Networks will then submit the Service Provider Invoice (SPI) Form 474 to request reimbursement for the discounts provided. Before we are able to do so, please remember:

  • The funding request for EM3 Networks services must have been funded per the FCDL (Funding Commitment Decision Letter).
  • The entity must have completed the E-rate Form 486 after receiving their FCDL. Until this form has been processed, EM3 Networks, or any other provider, cannot discount your bills.
  • The customer has provided EM3 Networks with the information per funded FRN in accordance with their Form 471 application.

The Rural Health Care (RHC) Program

The Rural Health Care program supports health care facilities in rural through increased connectivity that helps them deliver high-quality medical care. Two subprograms that provide assistance, in which EM3 Networks participates:

  • Telecommunications (Telecom) Program: Receive a discount based on the urban-rural price difference in your area for telecommunications services.
  • Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) Program: Receive a flat 65% discount on telecommunications services including internet access and network equipment.

Our business department can clarify the E-rate bidding and reimbursement process with you, or review the discounts available through the RCH. Call us at (855) 949-9273 for answers to your questions.

EM3 Networks, LLC is an FCC-registered network connectivity provider; our 498 Identification number (SPIN) is 143049822.

EM3 Networks, LLC has an FCC Registration Number (FRN) of 0026214809.

EM3 Networks, LLC has Green Light Status with the FCC.